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Key points of updating Auto parts


Auto parts (auto parts), which are used for auto parts and clothing. There are a lot of trains, a lot of people who live here, a level of life, a lot of people, a lot of people, and a lot of people. In recent years, the company has been working on a production facility in China.

China Auto parts For Sale

First, use the full amount of sealing, use the oil lacquer when needed, and achieve the ideal sealing effect;
Second, the outer quantity of the rubber before packing is delivered; the tools used;
Third, regular injection oils and fats, periodic cleaning and smoking air holes, etc .;
Fourth, under current and clean conditions, the equipment must be installed, no work surface, no trace, no wrinkles and other attachments;
Fifth, the rating operation process, sealing matters, proper wear, prevention and non-reachable form;
Sixth, the requirement for use of the performance of the hand-held seal, the use of the standard, and the renewal expired;
Seventh, the thin lid of the thin plate, the calibration of the thin metal, easy polishing of the metal, repair, thickening, mechanical processing, etc.
Eighth, screw slipping thread, pine removal repair or renewal, parallel and optimal power.

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